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In today's digital world, the use of cell phones has become vital for individual use or corporate purpose. However, with the rise in the use of cell phones, the rate of crime associated with the misuse of sim cards also increases, such as threats, blackmailing, phone scam, and fraud. Thus, to control the overall situation and to create peace in a state, a need to develop a specific system to control the use of sim cards and their related activities. Thus a government body, PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) develops a system named “sim database Online”, to manage and organize all the details of sim cardholders to keep and track people using mobile phones in Pakistan.

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Hence, PTA keeps the regulation sim cards by collecting their significant details in a system database in collaboration with NADRA for managing Pakistani citizens' data records. However, if someone wants to retrieve data from a proper source through PTA, they must put in the effort, and money and need some resources to approach the sim database online 2022). Alternatively, Pak Sim Details website is a fabulous source that provides citizens of country Pakistan to find details for any registered sim card providing an online platform. They are offering various kinds of search engine tools for use, free of cost and in a most simpler manner.

What is the sim database online 2022?

A sim card (subscriber identity module), is a small chip, that is inserted into cell phones to connect your device to a cellular network operator with a wireless system. Generally, it stores information about a sim owner details, a mobile number, and an IMEI code. Thus all data stored in a sim database online 2022 Moreover, when someone buys a new sim card, he/she has to get register that sim card from PTA, through a process of verification. Otherwise, it will not work until it gets all the verification procedures, which also include biometric verification. Thus, after verifying the sim card via CNIC card number, all information gets stored in the sim dataset online 2022.

Thus by using a sim dataset online 2022, a state can take control of fraudulent activities. An individual can check and verify their sim cards. You can use this information to reveal a person behind unwanted calls or threats on cell phones. Orpoarte can use a sim database online 2022, to regulate the record of their workers and customers. However, Pak Sim Details website offers a wide range of info tools for their users.

Pak sim database online| Sim owner's information

By using of Pak Sim Details web directory for sim database online 2022, one can get all the information of a person that is linked with their sim card. It typically, stores information that includes the name of the sim ownership, addresses, contact number, CNIC card number (by which the sim gets registered by PTA), and other related sim owner details. All data is stored in a system database regulated by the mobile operator company and can be used this data for future use. Sometimes it may also include additional information like the type of service that is subscribed by the sim owner, the date of expiration, and many more.

Live tracker|by Pak Sim Details website

Pak Sim Details website ( also offers an info tool “live tracker” for different kinds of use. They have an extensive web directory that stores data of millions of sim card owner details in a systematic way. It is a significant feature in the sim database online 2022, for quick retrieving of sim ownership detailssim ownership details. Live tracker is a very useful tool for the purpose of individual use, as one can track details for a person who keeps on annoying you by calling or threatening, so by using of sim database online 2022, you can disclose that person and can take action against him/her. Thus, one can keep shielding from fraudulent activities in this way. On the other hand, a corporate business can use a live tracker tool via the sim database online 2022, to keep an eye on the activities of their workers and can check client backgrounds. Similarly, the law enforcement agency of a state uses a sim database online 2022, to track and trace suspects and criminals in an easy way.

Pak Sim Details website offers a live tracker tool for getting access to mobile details, as well as it also provides “person tracker”, by using which one can track and find their loved ones, friends, and close relationship. Similarly, by use of “live track location”, one can track the live location of a person in case of finding suspects or related persons. One can also use live location to keep an eye on their loved ones for the sake of safety. It is the best feature that is facilitated for free by Pak Sim Details website.

Pak sim database online 2022| CNIC system information

Pak sim database Online 2022, offers additional tools for the convenience of Pakistani citizens. One can use them from any city in the country, at any time without facing any hassle. It also stores details for a person's identity card number in the system database. Thus, one can retrieve all information for sim details that are registered via the CNIC card number of a person. It provides additional information regarding the sim owner that will be helpful for further investigation purposes. It is of incredible use for business organizations that need to keep records of their employees and can check their records. The CNIC card includes the information of a person's name, contact address, picture, finger or thumb impression, date of birth, and other minor information. All this information is regulated and stored by the government organization “NADRA”.

Key Features of Pak Sim database online 2022

Pak Sim Details website offers a wide range of info tools that are interconnected with the sim database online 2020, to provide a valuable range of services to all Pakistani citizens. These tools are powerful and very convenient to use. Following are some key features provided by Pak Sim Details website to all users

Verification of sim card: One can use Pak Sim Details website for verification of their sim card issued via CNIC card.

Blocking of sims: one can also use our online platform, to block unauthorized sims that are issued against their CNIC card number.

Checking status: you can also use our online portal, for checking the status of your sim cards to keep them protected from fraudulent activities linked to your sim or CNIC card numbers to avoid inconvenience.

Ensuring Registration: one can use it to ensure that their sim cards are registerd in the user's number.

gine is completely free to use for every citizen of Pakistan without the need to download any software or buy any subscription package. Our info tools for searching the sim information system, or to use our CNIC information system, or whether to use our Live tracker tool, all are in access of you for free of cost.


In conclusion, the sim database Online 2022, offered by the Pak Sim Details website ( offers several benefits to its users. One can use it for the purpose of secure verification of their sim mobile numbers, to prevent unauthorized usage of mobile sim cards, it also helps to prevent theft of identity and frauds providing free access to the sim system information. They offer different ranges of tools, that include the sim database online for retrieving details for sim ownership, and CNIC system information helping users to identity card related information of a person. The most beneficial tool is “Live Track”, which can be used by both individuals and business organizations. It n be used to track and trace the details of mobile number, or to trak a peron by peron tracker. And one can also track live location by live tracker, to track a lost or stolen phone, sim card, or a person.

Our Pak Sim Details website is easy to use interface thus, anyone without seek any kind of help, can retrieve details from the sim database online 2022. It gives results quickly and efficiently. It is free to use, thus no need to buy any subscription package to use our info tools. The most prominent feature is that one does not need to do an installation process for using Pk sim data. We provide the most accurate information and it is totally safe and secure to use our platform.