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Pak Sim Details website provides a reliable source for accessing Pak sim info regarding detailed information for all cellular network operators in Pakistan. It facilitates a very simple process for finding details, just by entering a mobile number to access all details concerned with that sim cardholder. Pak sim info includes the name of the sim cardholder, address, and other associated details. Thus by Pak Sim Details website (, you will be able to search number info without waste of time and money. Moreover, you can also get details for the CNIC information system along with the facility of live tracker for various reasons.

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Pak sim info provides an optimum solution for getting rid of unwanted calls from unknown sources. Thus, one can easily reveal the person behind those suspicious callers on your mobile device. Pak sim info system provides a source for protecting yourself from frauds and scams related to the misuse of sim cards. It also helps you to find your lost device by providing various info tools associated with the live tracker facility. It is also helpful for blocking your lost sim card. Pak Sim Details website provides this facility for finding details via Pak sim info, free of cost from every city of country Pakistan.

What is Pak sim info?

This system was established back in 2009, when the use of digital platforms increases devastated, with the increases in the criminal record associated with misuse of sim cards. However, PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) develops this sim info system to keep and track the record of all sim users in Pakistan to reduce crimes and frauds concerned with misuse of sim cards.

Thus, after buying n new sim card, one has to get registered from PTA for use, on the other hand, PTA only issues a limited number of sim cards against a single CNIC card number. Pak Sim Details website provides a free service for Pak sim info, to provide details for a sim card for the cause of good. One can also verify these sim cards through this system. In addition, you can get sim information just by sending a text to 688 with your sim card number.

How does Pak sim info work?

Pak Sim Details website provides the best source for retrieving sim info details registered by PTA all over Pakistan. We have an extensive web directory that consists of millions of cellular network users from all over Pakistan, which works in a regular manner to provide details for Pak sim info to our users. You just need to follow the below instructions for finding details.

Sim card number

First of all, a fine sim card number is a unique 13-digit code, that is specified for a sim card. It is imposed on the backside of the sim card.

Sending SMS

The next step is to type a sim card number as a text message and send it to “688”.


After a while, you will receive a message, containing all details that are associated with that sim card, which usually includes the sim owner's name, address, and CNIC card number.

Virtues of using Pak sim info

Pak Sim Details website provides an easy approach to finding information about unknown callers on your mobile device. We provide a wide range of info tools free of cost for those who are living in Pakistan. Any citizen from any city can find sim details by Pak sim info, within a few seconds without any effort. However, the sim card, for which you are looking details, must be PTA registered. Following are some benefits of using Pak sim info.

For revealing unknown callers

If you are continuously annoyed by it, receive messages and calls from unknown numbers. Then, no need to worry, Pak Sim Details website is here to facilitate you in every aspect of finding that suspicious person behind the unknown call and messages. Thus, by using Pak sim info, you will be able to approach information for that unknown number, which will include the name of the sim owner, address, and CNIC card number which plays an important role in identifying a person.

To Block Sim cards

It is a very powerful tool, as in case of someone is lost or his or her mobile devices are stolen, you can use the Pak sim info platform, for blocking your sim card. Thus, one can prevent lost or stolen sim cards from being used for any illegal activity.

Verification of Sim card

This feature for Pak sim info, can also prove to be useful for the verification of sim ownership. It is useful, in case of second hand buying of devices or sim cards. Thus, you can easily verify the details of that sim card.

Constraints for using Pak sim info

However, Pak Sim Details website provides a powerful tool for a sim info system, besides having so many advantages for using Pak sim info, there are some limitations connected with it. Some of them are explained below.

Minimal Information

This system for Pak sim info contains a limited source of information in regard to the name of the sim owner, address, and other minor details. As it does not provide any other important personal details, thus one can have limited information that may or may not prove to be useful in different cases.

Incorrect or imprecise information

Sometimes, this Pak sim info details may contain some errors. Sometimes, the system is not updated, so one may get access to outdated information for sim cardholders providing inaccurate information. This proves to be useless for you. Thus, one must verify before using this information for any action.

Privacy issues

Moreover, sometimes it may also raise concerns about using personal information for a sim card without the consent of that person. Thus, Pak Sim Details website does not allow you to use their Pak sim info for any illegal uses.

How can I check the Pak sim info for my sim card in Pakistan?

You can easily check information for your sim card by sending a specific code provided by your mobile operator with your CNIC card number. Shortly, you will receive all information associated with your sim card.

What kind of information may I get by using the Pak sim info system?

The details that you will get by sending a message for Pak sim info include only the name of that sim owner, their address along with CNIC card number only.

Pak sim info| Live Tracker

Pak Sim Details website also offers a live tracker feature for their users freely, to track or trace any mobile user for checking their details. It is a magnificent tool for multiple uses. One can use this tool for individual use or may use it by some law enforcement authorities for tracking purposes. Pak Sim Details website provides the most accurate and updated Pak sim info for facilitating their users with reliable results, without wasting their time. On the other hand, we have developed our system with a simple interface for users without any complexes.

Therefore, users can navigate our search engine for various functions in a most easier way. This tool will be helpful for analyzing suspicious activities or people behind criminal records. Thus, this will give your insight into critical situations quickly and conveniently, which are otherwise very difficult to obtain. Pak Sim Details website collect data from various sources including government related organizations and private databases including online web directories, social media platforms, and other public records. Thus, ensuring our users to provide with an accurate database for use.

Pak Sim Details website provide a sim database information tool free, so one can easily track the detailed information for any sim card within Pakistan. Thus, individuals can find out records of sim information for spy callers on their mobile phones. Similarly, business entities or organizations can check records for their employees and customers for safety reasons.


One of the main features of using Pak sim details ( is that it provides an incredible level of accuracy for their databases in comparison to other public record directories. Pak Sim Details website develop its system for databases at an advanced level illuminating possible errors for ensuring a reliable source for searching. In addition, we also use audit log track, so we keep an eye on the activities of users on our website for using our tools to minimize the risk of any fraudulent or illegal activities. Thus, providing a potent tool for Pakistani citizens for retrieving sim details by minimizing the efforts of users. Our data is collected from various sources thus eliminating most of the errors and providing the most updated sim database online. Additionally, we have designed our tool for convenient use, especially for beginners. Thus, one can use our info tools without any costs with any effort, saving time.