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The use of mobile phones becoming common as the digital era has progressed. As communication ways changes with the increase in the use of sim mobile, more security and protection needed to be developed. On the government level, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) laid down a foundation of sim databases to collect information regarding all telecom network sims data and everyone needs to get verification through their channel for the use of sims. Thus, it limits the misuse of Sims in society thus reducing the criminal activities or frauds associated with sim cards.

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On the other hand, the Pak Sim Details website ( provides an online solution for accessing sim databases online freely. Thus, you do not need to get through a formal way for retrieving sim system information for any telecom mobile number in the whole of Pakistan. It provides an ultimate source for finding out information, along with verification of sims, giving a platform to make you more secure from fraud. However, our system works only in Pakistan for all network operators that are PTA registered. There are no conditions for any citizen, everyone is welcome to use our online platform to access our Pak sim database online.

What do you mean by Pak sim database?

Pak sim is an online web directory that comprises almost all sim cards' detailed information that is registered. It contains information such as the name of the sim owner, mobile numbers, addresses, and CNIC card information of all subscribers. Thus, if someone is continuously irritated by some unwanted calls or messages on their cell phones, this Pak Sim Details website will prove to be effective for them for recognizing or disclosing the suspicious person behind those calls. Similarly, one can use these details for finding their friends or family relationships by our tracking info tools. Thus, the Pak sim database is a very efficient and powerful tool for personal and professional use.

How to use the Pak sim database in Pakistan?

Pak Sim Details website provides two main ways to check details for any mobile number by Pak Sim Details in Pakistan. Both methods are discussed below with an easy steps guide for retrieving details

By use of sim information online

Pak Sim Details website provides a facility for checking any mobile number details in a more effective way through the use of their online portal system. For using Pak sim online portal system, you do not need to pay any cost. One just has to follow the below guidelines to access our Pak sim database online.

• Visit our official webpage ( by use of any browser.

• Click on the option for “Pak Sim Details website section”, for finding details against any telecom mobile number.

• In the given field, type mobile number or CNIC number and press “enter”.

• Within a few seconds, your query results will appear on your device screens showing details for the required sim cardholder.

By use of the “Live Tracker” info tool by Pak Sim Details website

Otherwise, one can also use our “Live tracker” tool to get access to the Pak sim database for searching for sim information. It is also used for various purposes of tracing and tracking mobile numbers, people, etc. One needs to follow the given below steps to approach the Pak sim database online

• Type Pak Sim Details official website to URL using any search browser.

• On our homepage, click on the “Live Tracker” tool.

• Enter the mobile number or CNIC number in the given space.

• Now, press “Submit”, after a while you will get sim information including the name of the sim owner, address, and other associated details with the sim card instantly.

What kind of information do you get by the use of Pak Sim Details website?

Pak Sim Details provide a valuable tool for citizens for searching and tracking people's information concerned with the sim cards that are registered in Pakistan. We have developed our system so easy for our users, that you do not need any kind of technical knowledge for using our info tools based on the Pak sim database online. All you need to do is just enter a mobile number or CNIC card number and our tool will instantly give you results with all the required sim information. Our system for sim information provides users with the following type of details from Pak Sim Details .

• Name of sim cardholder

• The CNIC card number of the sim owner

• The exact address of the sim card owner

• MNO (mobile network operator) of the sim card

• Status of sim card, whether it is activated or deactivated

One thing that must be kept in mind by all users while using our Pak sim database for accessing someone's sim information, is that it must be used for all legal actions. Thus, ensuring the safety of others' sim information. Hence, it cannot be used for other purposes except for verification. The important information that you get from our Pak sim database are:

• Pak Sim Details , a search engine online platform provides very useful information associated with registered sim cards in Pakistan.

•By use of our info tools users will access personal information connected to sim cards.

•The information provided by our Pak sim database must be used for verification reasons, not for other illegal ways.

Is Pak Sim Details free to use?

Yes, our online search engine is completely free to use for every citizen of Pakistan without the need to download any software or buy any subscription package. Our info tools for searching the sim information system, or to use our CNIC information system, or whether to use our Live tracker tool, all are in access of you for free of cost.

• Our online portal for retrieving sim information by Pak Sim Details is all free.

• Users can check sim details for any mobile user in all of Pakistan without being charged.

• However, users may get charged if they check the verification process by sending a text code via the PTA platform.

Importance of using Pak Sim Details website

The services offered by Pak Sim Details website play a significant role in for looking sim details for any person or some working entities for the cause of authenticity and verification. Our system works efficiently and effectively to get sim information from our Pak sim database online, without any effort. That will help you get through any fraudulent activities or other illegal ways by misuse of sim cards. It helps you to recognize unknown callers who are continuously annoying you, you can also use it for the verification process, or to check the number of sims registered against your CNIC card number. Organizations can keep check and balance on their workers as well as for their clients.

• Our online portal allows users to check the legitimacy of sim cards registered in Pakistan.

• One can also check whether the sim card is registered properly by PTA or not, fastly.

• It provides user safety and security to protect from fraud related to the misuse of sim cards.

Live tracker| Pak Sim Details website

Using the live tracker tool, users will be able to get information about the name and live location, along with the service provider of the owner of that specific mobile number. It is a webcast technology application, that helps users to verify identity. Pak Sim Details website has a comprehensive directory for all registered sim databases, that collects their data from various sources.


Pak Sim Details website provides the most convenient way to retrieve sim information through their friendly user online portal system. Everyone should keep a check on record of their sim cards by checking sim system information to keep them safe and secure from any mobile use scams. Moreover, Pak Sim Details website offers this service free of cost for all citizens of Pakistan. Anyone can get access to our sim database online quickly without waste of money and time. One can get also use our “live tracker” tools for free, to track any mobile numbers and people in Pakistan. One of the best features of using Pak Sim Details website is that they have a strict policy for their user's data, as they provide advanced encryption technology to keep data safe and secure from hackers.