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Pak Sim Details website comes up with an online portal system for finding out sim ownership details, costless. As if someone chooses a proper channel to retrieve sim information for any mobile number via government regulatory authority, they have to pass through various procedures to get access to data. On the other hand, you also need money and valid sources for retrieving sim details. Thus, it’s time taking procedure. Alternatively, you can choose Pak Sim Details website, to get sim ownership details . It also offers various other info tools for all citizens of Pakistan.

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How to track sim ownership details using the Pak sim database online?

Have you ever got an unknown call or message? And you want to explore who is behind these cans or texts? Pak Sim Details website provides a solution for this cause in most easy terms now. By using the Pak sim database online, you will be able to find out all the required details for sim ownership.

What is a sim card?

Sim (Subscriber identity module) is a small chip card. It contains all the important details for the person who owns it. Thus, there was a need to develop a system that must collect all registered sims in Pakistan to keep check and balance on all activities associated with the use of sim cards. Hence, PTA keeps a record of all registered sims in the sim database information. This sim database information system comprises details of sim ownership like their name, address, CNIC card number (by which they get their sim registered in PTA, mobile phone number, and sim card serial number. Moreover, Pak Sim Details website provides an online source for getting these sim ownership details for users.

Need of Sim Database

Sim database provides very critical information to users for useful purposes. These sim ownership details can be used for the following purposes.

•For keeping a record of sim cards and details associated with them.

•To provide safety to users to keep them safe from any kind of fraud and scam of mobile services.

•For investigation of suspects and keeping records of criminals to track and trace them by law enforcement agencies.

•For regulating and monitoring mobile services in a country.

•To give protection to the rights of mobile numbers.

•For getting CNIC card details, in case of need.

Registration procedure for a sim card in Pakistan

The government regulatory authority (PTA) does this process for verification of all sims for any network operation in Pakistan. They keep a record of sim owners by verification of a person through their identity cards (CNIC) issued by NADRA, to keep their record verified. Similarly, one also has to go through a biometric verification process (thumb or fingerprint impression) for a more secure procedure. One has to complete this process at the time of purchase. It plays an essential role to ensure the security of the telecommunication system.

What is Sim ownership information?

What does a sim card comprise? It contains all the information about the owner of the sim card, which is inserted into a mobile device. Sim ownership details include the name of the person having the sim card. It also includes other details associated with the sim ownership. This small chip card allows users to connect their devices to the cellular wireless network and contains all your significant details. Mobile network operators store all the data for sim ownership that can be used for various purposes. This database also informs about the subscription of a sim card and when it will get expired.

How to check Sim ownership information?

Pak Sim Details website provides a fundamental source for checking sim ownership details for all Pakistani citizens. To get access to the sim database online, you just have to enter a mobile or identity card number to retrieve all information for that sim ownership within no time. One just has to follow very simple steps to complete this process. Firstly, you should have a sim card number for retrieving details, that must be PTA registered. In this way, you can get to know about that unknown dumb or harassing calls, threatening or blackmailing messages on your mobile number. You just have to choose your required info tool and enter data, then you will get results on your screen instantly just by sitting at home.

How to find out sim ownership by cellular network operators?

It is a very simple method to check details for a sim card that owns it. You just need to follow the below given steps to retrieve the sim database for a mobile number by using a cellular network operator.

•Using any mobile network (Jazz, Zong, Ufone, Telenor, or Warid), dial “MNP” or type a message with a sim card number and send it to “688”. This message will charge a specific amount of cost to send by mobile network.

•After sending the message, you will receive a text containing all information for sim ownership in detail. This information will include the name of the sim owner, registered mobile number, identity card number, date of activation, and much more. However, you can use Pak Sim Details for getting sim owner details without being charged.

Reasons to choose Pak Sim Details for finding sim ownership

Pak Sim Details website is highly recommended for hosing our platform to find out wim information system. As we do provide the most authentic sim database online with easier to use interface. We keep our sim database online up to date regularly to ensure to provide the most latest sim ownership details to our users with convenience. It can be used for individual use or professional use also. Our sim database has the following significant features

•Most secure and accurate source to disclose unknown callers

•It tells the major details (like name of sim owner, address, sim serial number, etc) for sim ownership quickly and more efficiently without waste of time.

•It also allows users to find social media accounts and many other perspectives.

•You just need a single click with a friendly user interface.

•Our Pak sim database is compatible and supports all sim network operators throughout Pakistan.

How to change sim ownership in Pakistan?

First of all, you need to know about the details for sim ownership to proceed with hanging sim ownership. Check sim ownership by sending a message to “688”. Then you need to visit your nearby customer service center with the original identity cards of those who own the sim card and of the person to whom you want to transfer sim ownership. The following process you need to follow

•Bring your original identity card along with you and a copy of the identity card of the other person to whom the sim ownership belongs.

•Fill out a form given by a mobile company to fulfill all formal procedures.

•Then you have to perform a biometric verification process.

•After some hours or a day, the sim will be transferred to your desired sim ownership.


Pak Sim Details website ( offers a great solution for getting to know about sim ownership details with zero cost. Our website is very easy to use. If you are annoyed by some unwanted phone calls or messages on your mobile device, then our platform is the best ultimate source for you to find out that suspicious person. We have a wide web directory that contains millions of registered sim data to make it available to our users. There are other ways to get access to the sim database online, but we do provide the most authentic and fast method to give access to details for sim ownership. O track unknown calls one just has to put a particular cell phone number or identity card number, and within seconds, you will be able to approach all details for sim ownership without any troubles. One of the best options provided by Pak Sim Details website is that you do not need any software to install for using our info tools. Thus, one can use it anytime without the need to download or pay any charges. Secondly, it provides unlimited numbers of searches, one can do it as many times as they required.