CNIC Details With Picture

Through this article, you will be able to learn how to find details by CNIC with pictures online in Pakistan. NADRA provides the citizens of Pakistan to verify CNIC card details online by mobile. What is a CNIC? As we all know, CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) is an identity card that is issued by Pakistan National Database and Registration Authority. It is provided to those who reach the age of 18 as proof of their nationality which is very useful for further purposes. It contains all the essential details of an individual such as the name of a person, contact address, age, father's name, finger or thumb impression, signature, etc.

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How to check CNIC Details with Picture online in Pakistan?

NADRA (the National Database and Registration Authority), is one of the most important government organizations in Pakistan. They issue identity cards to all citizens keep their records and monitor them. Now, NADRA has provided their citizens with the facility to check CNIC details with a picture through an online portal system. Moreover, this service is free to use with an easy interface for every Pakistani person. One can easily check the detailed information for the CNIC card along with the picture. NADRA has developed its database system online, so anyone can check their information just by entering their identity card number and seeing all the details of their CNIC. But one thing must remember is that they provide only the basic information not allow you to retrieve confidential details.

CNIC Tracking & Verification

This service provided by NADRA is truly significant for the people of Pakistan. This service enables them to check whether their information on CNIC entered is correct or not. It helps to reduce expected frauds and crimes related to the false CNIC details in a state. Moreover, this service is operational in every city of Pakistan. Through the use of this service, you will be able to receive details of your CNIC quickly and fast. It helps you to refrain from identity thefts and fraud in Pakistan.

How to check CNIC details through SMS service

In order to check details via this service, you just need to send an SMS with a CNIC card number for which you want to look for details to “8300”. The SMS can be sent through any telecom network number which is PTA registered. After sending a message, you will receive all the details for that CNIC card shortly.

How to Check CNIC Details with picture online

For the ease and comfort of Pakistani citizens, NADRA has introduced a system of checking CNIC details with picture online. Now one does not need to face troubles visiting NADRA offices and waiting in a long queue to get details, you can check them easily by sitting at home with just a single click without facing any hassle. All one needs is a device (smartphone, laptop, tablet) with a stable internet connection. Simply, follow the given below guidelines to find details for a CNIC card.

• Open the official website of NADRA ( using any search browser.

• Then, enter the CNIC card number in the given space and click on “submit”.

• After a few seconds, all the details for the entered CNIC number will appear on your screen with the display of the picture.

• One can also check the status of the CNIC card while pressing on the option for “Status”.

This a very simple and short process to check details of CNIC with picture, moreover you can also check the status of CNIC through this procedure.

Information you will get on the NADRA website

Whenever you check details of CNIC with a picture online through the NADRA website, you will be able to look for the following type of details.

Picture of CNIC cardholder

The results appear on the screen and will show you the picture of the CNIC card number that you have entered, so you can verify whether the picture is the same and accurate.

Name of CNIC cardholder

It shows you the name that you have provided so you can verify it and check spellings.

Father’s Name

It will also show you the father's name according to your CNIC card. It shows any changes and corrections that you have been made recently.

Date of Birth

The data will also show you the date of birth along with the changes and corrections that you have been made with it.

Other related information

Moreover, it may also show some other relevant details such as marital status, blood group, address, etc. Hence, one must check and verify their information regularly to ensure the data entered is up to date and accurate, to mislead any kind of inconvenience.

CNIC system information | By “Pak Sim Details”

Pak Sim Details is an online website ( that provides you with a great variety of web search engines. They offer various info tools that include a sim database online, CNIC system information, Live Tracker tools, and many more options. Thus one can look for details for their desired person with just a single click. One of the best things about using Pak sim detail is that they offer their services for free all around Pakistan, thus any citizen from any city at any time can use our services. We have a web directory that contains data of millions of citizens of Pakistan, so one can access it easily. Through the use of our “CNIC system information”, you can receive information for any Pakistani citizen just by entering an identity card number. You just have to follow the instructions given below.

Step 1: Visit the website””, and click on the “CNIC system information” section.

Step 2: Enter the CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) number in the given field.

Step 3: Click on the “Search” button and allow the system to process your request.

Step 4: You will be presented with the results of your CNIC card number details, including the name, CNIC, address, and other associated phone numbers.

Step 5: If you wish to check another identity card number, you can repeat the process in the same steps.

Verification of NADRA’s record

To verify and track CNIC information, NADRA has provided an e-portal verification process, which is very convenient to use. Thus, to use this procedure you need a smartphone with any telecom network. Just follows the given below steps.

• Open the message application on your phone

• Type CNIC card number for which you want to verify details.

• Then send an SMS to “7000”.( this message will charge up to PKR 10+tax).

• Shortly, you will get the details in return.

Importance of CNIC Information System

It was very important for several reasons to lay the foundation of this CNIC information system in Pakistan. The foremost feature of this system is that you do not need to visit the NADRA office for the purpose of a CNIC document; one can apply for it by sitting at home with the use of an internet-connected device. Secondly, it saves time, and travel expenses, especially for those citizens who are residing in remote areas of Pakistan. In addition, the most important aspect of the CNIC information system is that it helps you to make safe and secure your identity from theft or fraud purpose. Hence, it provides a safe platform for storing the identity of citizens. As Pakistan is not a safe country, there are several cases regarding the theft of the identity of other people for the reason of the crime. On the other hand, this system of CNIC information system is very important from the legal point of view for the government agencies and several institutes for more sensitive supposes.


Through this article, you be able to learn the process to check CNIC details with picture. We have provided all the possible ways to check the detailed information of CNIC along with picture. You can also check the status of your identity card via the same procedure. So if you want to track details using a CNIC card, you can use any of the above mentioned methods most simply and more easily. It explains a straightforward process of checking details for CNIC via the official website of NADRA, however, you can also choose website for checking CNIC information. As they also offer the same service for free of cost.