CNIC Number Full Information

The Computerized National Identity Card provides all Pakistani citizens, with their official identification card for proof of citizenship. It is assigned to every citizen (a unique 13-digit code) upon birth registration, which will become their CNIC card number when they reach the age of 18. The National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) was established back in 1998 and serves as the national database organization (under the subdivision of the Pakistan Interior Ministry). It deals with the national identity card of respected citizens, CNIC cards for overseas Pakistani, Pakistan origin cards, birth certificates of children, family tree certificates, smart cards, and many other related facilities.

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Need of CNIC card

There are the following reasons, one must have a CNIC card, in order to get the privilege of being a Pakistani citizen.

• If you have reached the age of 18, you must have a CNIC card in order to fulfill your duty for voting in elections as a Pakistani citizen.

• To open a bank account, one needs to have a CNIC card in any bank in Pakistan.

• One must have CNIC, in order to apply for a passport, for domicile, for a driving license, etc.

• For purchasing a car or land, or to fulfill any other legal verification you must represent CNIC card.

How can I check the CNIC number full information?

The CNIC card number comprises 13 digits, and each digit means is different. The first part of the digits represents the province to which the CNIC card belongs to. The second digit shows the division of the province, to which the CNIC cardholder belongs. The net three digits show the district, tehsil, and union council. Further, the middle part of the digits represents the family number of a citizen of Pakistan. And, the last digit shows the gender of the person to which the CNIC card belongs, whether male or female. Hence, odd numbers are assigned to males while even numbers are assigned to females. Following are the different ways by which one can check the CNIC number full information.

Check CNIC number full information via text message

Follow the given below steps to check details for CNIC via sending an SMS, This service is provided by NADRA, however, it may cost charges.

• Open your text message window on your mobile phone.

• Now, type your CNIC card number 13-digit code), for which you want to find details.

• Then send this message to “7000”.

• Instantly, you will get results for the searched CNIC card number on your screen.

Check CNIC number full information via the NADRA online web portal

NADRA has facilitated their citizens to check CNIC number full information through the online portal system. You can check details by visiting NADRA official website.

• Open the official homepage of the NADRA website using a search browser.

• Now select the option for checking details for CNIC number

• Enter the CNIC card number in the given space and press “submit”.

• After a while, you will get results of CNIC details with full information on your device screen.

CNIC Information System| By “Pak Sim Details”

Pak Sim Details also offers a service to check CNIC number full information for any number in Pakistan for free of cost. We have a comprehensive directory for the CNIC system database, to provide our users with their required details. The CNIC information system plays a vital role in a state, as it provides an identification system of citizens. Besides this service, Pak sim details also offer to search details for any mobile number in Pakistan, which is PTA registered by their latest sim database online. Moreover, they also offer a wide range of selections for “Live Tracker tools”, by use of which you can track and trace persons, or details for any number in Pakistan. They provide such useful information tools free of cost for all Pakistani individuals.

Check the CNIC number full information| By Pak sim Details

Pak sim Details offers this special service for checking details against any CNIC card number with our easy-to-use interface method. You simply need to follow the below steps to retrieve details for any CNIC cardholder within a few seconds.

Access the official website of Pak Sim Details

Visit the official website, to get access to the CNIC information system. This platform is designed to provide users to verify and provide accurate details for an individual using a CNIC card number.

Enter “CNIC” card number

Choose an option for “CNIC information system”, and enter your CNIC card number (13-digit code) into the given field for which you are looking for details.

Verify the Information

After submitting the request, the CNIC system database retrieves details for you against the identity card number you have entered and will represent in the form of a table in front of your screen. These details will include the name of the CNIC cardholder, father's name, address, date of birth and other relevant details.

Cross check the details

Always make sure, before using the information or taking any action, firstly verify the information is accurate.

Advantages of using CNIC system information

Following are the advantages of using our info tool “CNIC system information”

Safe & Secure

Whenever you think of using an online platform for search engines, you must think of some reliable source, Thus Pak Sim details provide a reliable way to access the sim database online to access the web directory. As it comprises very sensitive details of the person, hence we ensure to protect our database. Thus, no one can make use of our data for illegal purposes as we do take strict action against those people. Similarly, we also provide advanced encryption technology for our user's information as well to provide them with a secure environment for use of the online service platform.

Required no downloading

For using our search engine tools, you do not need to set up any downloading procedures for your devices. You just have to visit our official website ( choose your required info tool and follow the simple process.

Instant Results

If you do not waste your time and money by approaching for some official ways to get details from sim databases by government organizations, then choose our platform “Pak Sim details”. We will provide results just within a few seconds after the submission of the required details.

Free to use

The best feature of using the CNIC system information by Pak Sim Details website ( is that it charges nothing for its use. Additionally, you can use it as many times as you require.

What are the benefits of the CNIC Information System Pakistan?

The CNIC Information System offered by Pak Sim Details, has a number of advantages for both the government and citizens of Pakistan. It provides as a major centralized system who manages citizen’s information, making it easier for government officials to provide services to citizens. This system also helps to prevent fraud and identity theft, as well as it also helps to verified and authenticated information before use

How can individuals access their own information stored in CNIC Information System Pakistan?

If you want to get access to your own personal information stored in CNIC Information System Pakistan can do so by visiting a NADRA center nearby you. You will be required to provide your CNIC card number and undergo a verification process to ensure that they are the rightful owner of the information.


In conclusion, this article will help you get through the learning method to check the CNIC number full information. Different methods are described above, which include checking details via SMS service provided by NADRA officially. On the other hand, you can also check it through the NADRA official website online. However, the most convenient and free way to check CNIC details, you can use the Pak Sim Details website to get access to the CNIC information system. You just have to enter an identity card number and you will get results instantly.