How to Check Sim Number on CNIC

PTA has developed a system to control the crime and illegal activities that are associated with the misuse of sim cards and mobile phone. Back in the 2000s, as the use of digital technology increased, the communication factor through the use of sim cards and mobile devices becomes an essential part of an individual in Pakistan society as well. Thus, there was a need to lay a foundation of a system that must control all the situation in a country, thus PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) constructs a system to keep the record of all sim owners and their vital details as a “sim system database online” to get an individual’s information on fingertips.

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Moreover, PTA imposed certain laws in keeping the situation of law and order in a state. One has permission to issue only five sim cards for use. Similarly, after buying a new sim card, one must verify it, through PTA via using CNIC. One also has to go through biometric verification for a more secure procedure. PTA ensures the protection of the rights of mobile users. This system helps every individual, corporate business government agency. Therefore, one must know “how to check sim number on CNIC” to get full information to avoid uncertain situations.

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It is an online platform that provides a free search engine for all citizens of Pakistan. It offers a wide range of info tools such as sim database online, CNIC system information, Live tracker tools, how to check sim number on CNIC, and many more options. They provide facilities for free without imposing any limitations on their users with an easy-to-use interface. Are you tired of receiving unwanted calls or messages on your mobile? Then, no more tensions, the Pak sim details website ( gives you the most comprehensive web directory for retrieving details for sim ownership so one can easily find out the unknown person for those unwanted calls or messages. Similarly, you can track your stolen sim card or mobile phone by using our Live Tracker service for free. However, we provide various services for our user's needs but only for those sim numbers which are registered by PTA only in Pakistan.

Procedure for “how to check sim number on CNIC”

Moreover, one must be aware of their sim details and the number of sims that are issued against their CNIC card number for keeping a track record of those sims that are not in your use. Thus, PTA provides an easy facility for Pakistani citizens to check their sim number on CNIC, by sitting at home, through the online portal system. CNIC (centralized national identity card) is a proof of citizenship that can be used for various important purposes later by the individual. It is issued after a person reached the age of 18 years. It comprises all the important detail of a person, thus PTA has interlinked the process of verification of sim cards through CNIC. So upon retrieving details for any sim card, one can get all the essential details of that person for taking any action. Thus, the PTA sim database is connected through the system database of NADRA. There are following two methods through which you can know “how to check sim number on CNIC”.

Check Sim Number on CNIC | Through website

PTA has facilitated their citizens to check their sim number on CNIC through the use of their official website.

• Go to the official website of PTA sim information using any search browser for checking the number of sims issued against the CNIC card number.

• By clicking on the website link, the homepage will appear on your screen asking you to enter certain details.

• In the given space, enter your CNIC card number.

• Press “submit” after clicking on the box ”I’m not a robot”.

• After a few seconds, results will appear in a tabular form containing all details for the sim number registered against your identity card number.

Check Sim Number on CNIC| Via SMS service

For getting an answer to “how to check sim number on CNIC”, PTA provided an sms sending service, by which you can get to know the total number of sims issued via using your CNIC card number within seconds. Following are the guidelines for checking the number of sims on CNIC

• Open the message application on your mobile device.

• Now, type the CNIC number in a text message (without hyphens).

• Then send this text message to “668”.

• Instantly, you will receive a message that will show all the detailed information for the registered sim number on CNIC for each operator. (it will charge a cost of PKR 2 + Tax for using the service).

Check Sim Number On CNIC| via Pak Sim Details website

Pak Sim Details also offers a service for “how to check sim number on CNIC” for free of cost for all their users in Pakistan. Follows the given below method with simple steps to guide for checking a number of sims on the CNIC of an individual.

• Open any search browser, type the official website for in the URL, and press “enter”.

• Click on search for sim information from our homepage.

• Now enter your CNIC card number in the given space and press “submit”.

• After a while, you will get results on the device screen containing all the information for the registered sim number on CNIC. (This service is free of cost for every Pakistani citizen).

How to block a sim card number registered via your CNIC?

Furthermore, after getting all the required details for the sim number registered on CNIC, you must know which sims are not in your use, thus blocking all other unwanted sim cards. There are options for this service for blocking registered sim numbers on your CNIC.

• Do visit your nearest franchise of your telecom operator, or customer service center to block the registered sim number on CNIC.

• Always keep your original identity card while visiting the franchise, then fill out the form and fulfill the required formalities to block that sim card.

Check Sim Number on CNIC| for Jazz telecom users

Now, Jazz and Warid are treated as single telecom operators all over Pakistan. Therefore, warid users can also check the sim number on CNIC through this method. If someone faces trouble using the online “how to check sim number on CNIC” provided by PTA, then you can use the following method for checking sims against CNIC card numbers.

• “You just have to enter your CNIC number (without gaps) and send it to “6001”. This service will charge a cost for retrieving details for you via text message”.

Check Sim Number on CNIC| for Telenor telecom users/h3>

Telenor is another one of the most famous telecom operators in Pakistan which provide users with pocket-friendly budget offers. The answer to the question “How to check sim number on CNIC” is given below.

• Via Call service: dial 345 from your cell phone and ask the operator for the number of sims registered via your identity card by providing the ID card number to the operator.

• Via visit at Franchise: You can visit our nearest customer service office for checking the sim number registered on your CNIC.


The above article will let you about an explanation of “how to check the sim number on CNIC”. It will provide a brief discussion on the PTA authority and how it regulates and monitor all the sim users in Pakistan. Besides that, it explains the detailed procedure for checking sim cards registered on a particular CNIC card number. It describes both methods, via using the website of PTA or their sms service alert. However, checking the sim number registered on CNIC via sms will charge a specific cost for providing details. Alternatively, one can get access to checking the sim number registered on their CNIC, they can also check using the Pak sim details ( website. They offer all their services for free without any charges to pay. Moreover, through reading this article you will be able to check the sim number on CNIC through particular telecom operator services.