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Pak Sim Details is an online website (, that provides users with a free search engine online to get details for a sim number all over Pakistan. However, that mobile number must be registered through PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) . Pak Sim Details has developed various info tools for different uses keeping in view the need of the citizens of Pakistan. We have a comprehensive web directory that provides you with all information regarding any mobile number in Pakistan. One can check sim details, CNIC information system, and Live tracker tools, also offers how to check IMEI number, and many more options.

Sim Database Online

What is a sim database online? A sim (subscriber identity module) is a smart chip that contains all the information for sim ownership. However, after the increase in the use of sims and mobile phones, in the 2000s, there was also an increase in crime rate linked with the misuse of sim cards. Thus, PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority), develops a system to organize and monitor the sim cardholders for keeping peace in State interconnected with the NADRA database. Hence, after buying a new sim card, it is necessary to get registered through PTA. Moreover, a person's vital information is stored and recorded by the mobile operator network companies via the PTA regulation authority. They have made this system more strong by introducing Biomeir verification and controlling the misuse of sim cards for illegal purposes in society.

Furthermore, PTA has also limited the number of sims against a single individual CNIC. A sim contains all the sim ownership details, that include the name of the ism owner, contact address, CNIC card number, ad other essential information. Pak sim details provide free access to users for fetching sim owner details for only legal causes. Thus, an individual can disclose a person who annoys him for no reason. Corporates can use this system base for keeping and checking the record of their clients and employees. On the other hand, Law enforcement agencies can use sim database system information for evaluating or finding suspects and criminals. Further, Pak Sim Details also offers how to check IMEI number in Pakistan.

IMEI number

What is meant by the IMEI number? It stands for “international mobile equipment identity”, it is a 15-digit unique code that acts as a fingerprint for your sim identity proof. Is provided by the phone carriers or manufacturers to give this number for finding stolen or lost mobile phones or sim cards. However, do not confuse the IMEI number with the serial number listed on your device. Moreover, serial numbers are used internally by manufacturers while IMEI numbers are standard across the state. It is very important to verify the IMEI number if you are going to buy used or second-hand devices for activating purposes. IMEI number gives you more options to get to know more about your phone better. Can e unblock an unblocked device? Yes, by approaching a legal way, that is by paying an amount of ta to PTA for that particular phone, you can unblock that device.

How to check the IMEI number in Pakistan?

You can check the IMEI number for any registered mobile phone via PTA by sending a code or online using our websites ( from anywhere in Pakistan without buying any subscription package. Thus, before buying any mobile device, it is highly recommended to check the authenticity of the device for registration through the government regularity authority “PTA”, to avoid any inconvenience later. The following methods are explained below for “How to check IMEI number” in an easy way.

How to check IMEI number of your device

It is the first step you need to follow for checking the IMEI number of your device to get details of the status of your mobile phone. Dial a short code “*#06#” from your mobile phone, and a 15-digit code will be received via text on your screen. You may get two IMEI numbers if your device has two sim cards inserted.

What is meant by “DRIBS”?

It is a system database, that has come under the “PTA(Pakistan Telecommunication Authority)”, which ensures that all the devices imported into Pakistan, and all other cellular devices are registered via PTA. Therefore, PTA provides the following three methods to check the authenticity of mobile phones in one of the following ways, thus ensuring that the IMEI number that appears on the device screen must be matched the IMIE Number showing on a device’s box.

• SMS based

• Website based

• App based

How to check IMEI number via SMS

Then to check the status of your device via sms verification based system via PTA follows the below steps

• Go to the message section on your device

• Open a new message

• Type your 15-digit “IMEI number”

• Then send it to “8484”

How to check the IMEI number via the website

You can also check details regarding the IMEI number by using the website However, one can use our free platform for “how to check IMEI number”, by our website “”.

How to check the IMEI number via the app

There are various apps that can be downloaded for checking the status of the IMEI number for any mobile, however, they may charge cost. On the other hand, Pak Sim Details offers this facility for free for all citizens of Pakistan without any hassle of downloading or paying the cost.

Types of Responses

Four types of responses might you get while checking the IMEI number for your device while receiving details. The following four are discussed below

Compliant Devices

Those devices are authorized by PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) and are imported legally within Pakistan.

Non-compliant Devices

These are those devices, that has not received IMEI either or may assign duplicate number more than one time.

Blocked Devices

This means that your device has been restricted because of previously stolen your IMEI number.

Valid Devices

These are those devices that have valid IMEI numbers (GSMA certified) but are not approved by PTA.

How to check IMEI number on an Apple device?

Follows the below instructions to check IMEI number o your Apple device

Get access to the “About menu” and navigate to “Settings” > General.

Now check for the “serial number” on the item, then scroll down to locate “IMEI/MEID and ICCID.

Now, simply touch or hold the number to which you want to copy to the clipboard so that you can be used to paste it into further procedure.

Concerns related to IMEI number

What happens if we continue to use the phone that is not PTA approved? Using such a phone will keep you in tension all the time, as it may get your IMEI number blocked at any time by PTA. Does a sim card work on a blocked mobile phone? No, if you insert a new sim card on a blocked mobile phone by TA, it will not get connected to a wireless system of cellular networks, thus you will be not able to use that sim card. PTA has introduced this unique system of “IMEI checker”, under the platform “DRIBS” to check and verify the validity of mobile phones. It helps you to get through the device identification, registration process, and blocking system. It is developed to keep and monitor the devices that are not registered via PTA, to block them.

How to check if my device is blocked or blacklisted or stolen? You just need to type your 15-digit code in a new message and send it to “8464”, within a few seconds you will be able to check the status of your device. Can my IMEI number be unblocked? Yes, no need to worry, you can just unblock it by a simple process of getting a copy of the FIR from your nearby police station, and then submitting it to the service provider of your mobile phone. Then it will be sent to the central office, from where it will get unblocked and you get your IMEI number registered for use.


In conclusion, via reading the above article you will be able to know the brief description of “IMEI number”, which plays an important role in verifying or checking the authenticity of your mobile devices before buying especially for used or second-hand mobile phones. The article explains a simple procedure, by which you can check your IMEI number and verify the status of your Android mobile phones or Apple devices. You can check your IMEI number by sending an sms or while using the website or by accessing the app, which provides you the complete knowledge regarding IMEI number for check validation of your device.