Online Check Sim Number through CNIC

A National Identification Card (CNIC) is an important document for citizens in Pakistan, serving as an official proof of identity for its citizens. The government of Pakistan has implemented a system of database to link all Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) cards to CNICs of individuals, aiming to uphold national security and prevent illicit activities. As a result, each active SIM card within Pakistan is associated with a specific CNIC number.

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Individuals possessing a CNIC must be aware of the number of SIM cards registered under their name. This knowledge enables them to monitor their SIM cards effectively and ensure that no unauthorized person is utilizing a SIM card associated with their identity. Verifying the SIM cards registered under your CNIC is a straightforward process that can be accomplished through an SMS-based method.

Methods for online Check Sim Number through CNIC

One must be aware of the fact that how many sims are registered or in use regarding their CNIC card number, to avoid theft identity, or fraud. As per rules, the PTA has allowed only five sim cards to be issued against a single identity card to control over the crime rates linked with the misuse of sim cards. Following are the two methods through which you can online check the Sim Number through CNIC.

online check the Sim Number through CNIC via the Website

To obtain information about the number of SIM cards that have been registered under your CNIC card through a website online portal system, follow these steps:

• Access the PTA official website SIM Information. You can do this by entering the URL or web address of the website in your internet browser.

• Once you have opened the website, you will be directed to a webpage that prompts you to provide your information.

• Enter your CNIC number into the designated field on the webpage.

• To confirm that you are a human and not a robot, complete the verification process, such as checking a box or solving a simple puzzle.

• After verifying your identity, click on the 'Submit' button.

• The website will display a list of SIM cards registered under your CNIC in a tabular format.

• The list will be categorized based on the mobile network operators, and it will also indicate the total number of SIM cards registered under your CNIC.

By following these steps, you can easily obtain information about the SIM cards registered against your CNIC through the PTA SIM Information Website.

online check the Sim Number through CNIC via SMS Service

Follow the given steps to receive information for an online check sim number through CNIC card.

• Open the text message application on your mobile phone.

• Type your CNIC number without using any hyphens or spaces.

• Send the message containing your CNIC number to “668”.

• You will receive a reply via text message shortly, displaying the total number of active SIM cards associated with each telecom operator issued against your CNIC. (This message will charge a cost of PKR 2 + tax).

If you find that the number of SIM cards registered against your CNIC exceeds the actual number of SIM cards you possess, it is recommended to contact the Customer Service Centre of the relevant telecom operator. They will assist you in resolving any discrepancies or potential issues related to unauthorized SIM card registrations. Remember to keep your CNIC information secure and promptly report any suspicious activity or unauthorized SIM card registrations to the appropriate authorities.

Pak sim details webite| To check sim number on CNIC

Pak sim details provide web-based solutions for every problem, like finding details using a sim number or getting details via the use of a CNIC card number. We are providing a wide range of search tools for all users in Pakistan. We have made our system for database easy to use for everyone. One just has to enter simple details like Sim Number through CNIC and will get results instantly. We are providing services free of cost for our Pakistani citizens for both individual and corporate use. Thus, anyone can take advantage of our info tools provided freely by

• Open the homepage of the Pak sim details website ( on your browser.

• Enter a CNIC card number (13-digit) into the given field and press “enter”.

• Shortly, you will receive all the information and number of sims associated with that identity cardholder.

How to Block Unused SIM cards registered via your CNIC

To block a mobile SIM card that you no longer use and want to dissociate from your CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) number, you can follow these general steps:

• Find the nearest franchise or customer support office of the cellular company associated with the SIM card you wish to block.

• Bring your original CNIC with you to the franchise or customer support office. It's important to have the original document for verification purposes.

• The representative will provide you with a related form to fill out. This form will typically require you to provide your personal details, such as your name, CNIC number, contact information, and the mobile number you want to block.

• Submit the filled-out form along with your original CNIC to the customer service representative.

• The representative will process your request and block the requested mobile number from further use.

• Once the blocking process is complete, the representative should provide you with a confirmation or receipt acknowledging the successful blocking of the SIM card.

It's important to note that the specific process and requirements may vary slightly depending on the cellular company and the country in which you reside. Therefore, it's advisable to contact the customer support of the concerned cellular company or visit their official website for accurate and up-to-date information regarding the SIM blocking procedure.


From the above mentioned article, you will learn how to online check sim numbers through CNIC, in several different ways, PTAhas provided their citines to check the registered sim cards on an individual CNIC card, by sending an SMS, it will charge a specific cost of PKR. However, you can also check via visitng the online website. In addition, you can check the number of sims on CNIC, through the use of the Pak sim details website, as they provide the services for free to every Pakistani.