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    In the past year, the government introduced a regulation stipulating that individuals could not possess more than five SIM cards. To enforce this regulation, the government implemented the 668 service. Upon its launch, individuals were required to block any SIM cards exceeding the set limit. They could check the number of SIM cards registered to their name and their respective networks through this service and were then mandated to visit the appropriate customer care center affiliated with the network to block the excess SIM cards.

    How to check the verification status of your sim?

    The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has streamlined the SIM check process, making it more accessible for users. Each mobile operating company provides specific call or SMS codes for CNIC-based SIM checks:

    • JAZZ: Send your CNIC Number to 6001

    • Telenor: Send your CNIC Number to 7751

    • Ufone: Dial *336#

    Additionally, PTA offers a service allowing you to verify the SIMs registered under your CNIC by either sending a text to 668 or checking the status online. Now, let's discuss the steps to restrict the number of SIMs registered under your name:

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    688 Information System| by “Pak sim Details”

    668 Information System has been a significant relief and convenience for users across various mobile operators. However, the widespread use of Sims has raised serious legal concerns regarding the distribution and usage of Sim cards in Pakistan.

    Previously in Pakistan, individuals sought sim information by sending an SMS to PTA's designated number “668”, which solely provided the total number of sims registered on a CNIC. This service displayed only the network to which the number was registered and was a paid service. However, we ( are now proud to introduce our new and improved Sim 668 Information system to our users to provide sim owner details.

    Our revamped Sim 668 Information system, known as Live Tracker, enables users to effortlessly access sim information by conducting a direct search on our website. There is no longer a need to send a text message to 668 for Sim owner details. Our Live Tracker/Person Tracker swiftly provides accurate and authenticated sim information without any cost.

    Previously, with the PTA-provided number (668), one could check limited sim owner details through SMS, incurring charges. With our Live Sim Information Tracker, you can now access comprehensive information directly on our website without incurring any charges using our sim database online.

    Sim 668 Information System in Pakistan

    In light of the increasing terrorism incidents in Pakistan, the surge in unregulated SIM card usage prompted the government to initiate comprehensive SIM registration measures. Consequently, it became mandatory for every mobile phone owner in Pakistan to register both his and her mobile phones and SIM cards.

    Now, let us delve into the various procedures available for registering, verifying, and blocking SIM cards in Pakistan. Let us explore these steps in detail.


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